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Convenient Lending Products

Our wide range of flexible, simple and convenient lending products allows us to offer a tailored solution to every customer.
Short Term Loan
Line of credit
POS financing
Short Term Loan

Life is full of little emergencies. Many people face cash gaps from time to time. Short Term Loan is a short-term product designed to cover life’s unexpected events where small sums of money are needed in a hurry.

Minimum document requirements and fast turnaround times mean you can have the money in your account within 15 minutes of applying.


Our installment loan product would generally be for larger amounts that can be paid back over longer periods, in comparison for Pay Day Loan (anything from 3 months to a few years).

The loan application will require more backup documentation and customers will have to commit to regular repayments.


We offer peer-to-peer lending through our online platform which connects non bank lenders and investors all across Europe. Here individual borrowers and lenders interact directly in order to come to the most favorable terms that work for both parties.

Our peer-to-peer platform also makes investing in loans simple and accessible.

Line of credit

Our line of credit offers borrowers a revolving loan facility with an obligation to pay a predefined percentage of the outstanding amount.

The funds are deposited directly into the customer’s bank account for immediate access whenever it is needed. Depending on approval, we also offer flexible repayment terms.


Our refinancing product offers customers with short-term loans the opportunity to consolidate all of it under one roof into a single long-term lending product with better rates.

It functions like an installment loan with pre-agreed fixed repayments while also helping the customer to reduce loan debts and improve their credit history.

POS financing

Our POS financing offer is a loan issued for a specific product purchase. This product is for consumers who want to buy something certain.

We pay the merchant at the point of sale while entering into a credit arrangement with the customer. Payment terms will then be agreed, as with a more traditional installment loan.

Global leader in digital lending

We are aiming to become global leaders for the development of innovative consumer lending products towards the unbanked and underserved who lack access to traditional financial institutions.
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